On August 31 - September 1 we're holding our 4th annual ARTILLERY art festival. Just like the previous one, it'll take two days. 

Every year we summon new speakers, never been to Russia before. This time we have  super cool artists of differents art fields,  
Feng Zhu, the legend of concept art who founded his own empire;
Anna Podedworna, mistress of game concepr art and illustration from Poland; 
Hicham Habchi, senior artist at Riot Games, known for his piercing sketches and sharp concepts:
Mauro Belfiore, a young Italian who creates stylish concepts and characters you can't take your eyes off;
Sean Sevestre, modern artist who started from classic studies and then grew into free-spirited contemporary artist.

As usual, we not only invite 2D artists, this year we pay much attention to sculpture, either traditional and digital.
James W Cain, 3D modeller or let's say digital sculptor, enthusiastic about 3D printing;
Tomek Radziewicz, traditional sculptor and monster designer, will have a day-long master class.
The guests will also find themselves at a real sculpture exhibition as we invited local sculptors Kate Pilnikova and Vladimir Brodarsky to present their works at the festival.

In two days, guests will have enough time to listen to lectures, ask questions, go for a portfolio review, get an autograph and draw side to side with fellow artists.

THE VENUE was Tkachi Creative Space, St. Petersburg 195271 Obvodny channel 60 


The schedule included
- CG lectures
- 3D live demo
- Sculpture workshop
- Life drawing
- Portfolio review
- Awards and contests

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