About the Award

About the Award

Artillery Art Awards is created by Artillery art event organizers and Grafit studio, to support modern artists around the globe.

Thousands of professional artists work hard to bring their ideas into visual images. CG art is extremely important nowadays, as it plays a huge role in entertainment and game industries, books and magazines, theater, movie, and many others. Nevertheless, there is no international award to honor this area of art.  

We aim to become the first to change this situation. That is why we decided to create an award of international importance that every CG artist would strive to achieve.

The first award ceremony will be held in St. Petersburg (Russia) during Artillery 4th Shot Art Festival on August 31st, 2019

The Award figure

We are proud to present the unique Award figure, the main prize of the Artillery Art Awards.

It took about a year to design and roughly 6 months to sculpt and finalize it.

The main idea for the figure is artist’s hand and the metaphor of transformations that a creator is going through while creating art.


Every figure will be made specifically for the Award winner and will have a name on it, as well as sculptor’s stamp and foundry mark. 


Materials: gold, bronze, stone

Sculptor: Vladimir Brodarsky, St petersburg Imperial academy of Arts graduate, author of many sculptures, monuments and award figures

Art director: Lev Boyko, co-founder of Grafit studio


Categories 2019

Digital Illustration 

Any artist from any country in the world is eligible to apply for the Award. The Jury chooses one winner in this category. 

We are not going to restrict subject or style of submitted works. We accept both new and old artworks, as well as renewed or re-created works published within the above-mentioned period.


 AAA Figure

cash prize 1000€

Lifetime Achievement

This award honors an artist’s contribution to the industry and influence on the CG art as it is today.  


AAA Figure

cash price €1000 

The Jury board

1. Feng Zhu (Artillery 4th Shot speaker)

2. Even Mehl Amundsen (Artillery 1st Shot speaker)

3. Mike Azevedo (Artillery 1st Shot speaker)

4. Karla Ortiz

5. Zeen Chin

6. Greg Rutkowski

7. Eytan Zana

8. Hicham Habchi (Artillery 4th Shot speaker)

9. Anna Podedworna (Artillery 4th Shot speaker)

10. Piotr Jablonski

11. Victor Surkov - Art producer at RJ Games

12. Mauro Belfiore (Artillery 4th Shot speaker)

13. Kate Tambovtseva, art director at Grafit studio 


  • We accept digital illustrations for games, movies, animated films, books, marketing etc; either personal works and done for a client; also fan art. Any subject, style and message.

  • You can use artwork created for another contest or challenge.

  • In case you are not limited with NDA, feel free to use artworks done for a client. You can also pick artworks that were accepted by a client before August 1, 2018 but cleared to display it after this day. 

  • You can pick artworks created and published before August 1, 2018, but renovated, re-rendered or re-made and re-published after this date. It is up to you what changes you make.  

Technical Specification 

  • We only accept digital illustration, created using any software you prefer

  • You can use 3D base or photo-bash, but the final render must be in 2D.

  • Feel free to use nudity in your work. 


  • The deadline for entries is 23:59 (GMT +3 Moscow) August 15, 2019. 

  • We only accept artworks publushed during one year since August 1, 2018 until 23:59 (GMT +3 Moscow) August 15, 2019. This means they are posted to any open source (social media, Artstation, Behance, personal website, etc.) that shows date of publishing. 

Application Procedure 

  • Any artist can entry the contest by filling this form

  • Every artist can entry once, using up to three artworks.

  • Entry is limited to individual artists, so Team entries are not eligible.

  • Entry is legit if at least one artwork meets all the requirements, even if the rest does not.

  • Artist’s location does not matter 

  • Your entry must contain direct link for every artwork

  • Participants must be 18 or older to take part. 


  • The winner is chosen by the jury board (members list is below) 

  • There is one winner in each category.


Participants’ accountability  

  • The entrants are fully accountable for their publications 

  • The entrants fully accountable for breaking any agreements, such as NDA

  • In case any other person(s) took part in the creation of the artwork, entrants must gain their permission and put their names and e-mails in the entry form  

  • Entrants retain copyright of all entered materials and are free to use said materials for personal promotion. 

  • We kindly remind every entrants to double-check personal data, links, agreements and requirements before applying. Please respect the jury board, your fellow artists and clients. 

Organizers’ rights and duties  

  • In case organizers gain information about breaking any rule or requirement, they decline the artwork  

  • Organizers have right to disqualify any artwork without any note

  • Organizers don’t ever manipulate jury’s decisions nor gain any profit from them 

  • Organizers are not accountable for entrants using any unlicensed software

Therefore, we will not accept such artworks:

  • Unpublished at any open source  

  • Published before August 1, 2018 

  • Created with traditional materials 

  • Copies of other artists’ works 

  • Artworks limited by NDA or any other agreements 

  • Artworks created collaboratively with any third part, without any mention of this part or without their permission to entry this contest 


Application form


  • May I use my artwork that I created for another contest? 

  • Sure if it was published after August 1, 2018.


  • What if the client holds the rights but allows me to show this artwork?

  • Please feel free to use this artwork if it doesn’t break any agreement. 


  • My art contains some nudity, can I use it? 

  • Sure! Please pay attention to house rules of the source you choose, for example facebook block any nude content. If your art gets unpublished, the link breaks down and thus we can’t accept your entry. 


  • Do you accept stylized art or realistic illustrations only?

  • Choose any style. We only need to see 2D final render. 


  • I used my friend’s 3D model and then 2D-rendered it. 

  • Feel free to entry, just make sure your friend doesn’t mind and put his\her name and e-mail in the form. 


  • Can I make art specifically for this contest?

  • Sure! 


  • Do I hand copyright over to you, when I entry?

  • No, you keep it, we don’t own any rights, it’s still your art. 


  • What if I pick my old work and change final render, or add some details?

  • You can do so. Renovate it and republish it till July 31, 2019. 


  • First, there was a pencil sketch. I scanned it and overpainted in Photoshop. Is it legit?

  • Yes, it’s only final render that matters. We don’t require to show us any WIP. make sure you finalize it in 2D.  


  • I worked for a client together with my colleague, so that we both have permission to publish it. Who of us two can entry?  

  • Both of you if none of you has objections. make sure to put your colleague’s name and e-mail in the form. And also NDA! 


  • Why do you accept both old and new art, not require creating a new at for this award?

  • The Award is accepted by an artist, a person, a creator. An illustration only represents this person. 


  • Why is there a one year limit? 

  • We aim to keep this Award up-to-date, but don’t want to put strict limits.