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Artillery (Artillery)  is one of the most striking festivals of digital art and illustration, organized by Studio Grafit and held annually in St. Petersburg. The first festival was held in 2016 and gathered about 340 people, the second festival in 2017 was attended by about 620 people from different countries. The third artillery gathered in 2018 more than 420 people, in 2019 - about 600 participants. In 2020, we plan to have about 1000 participants from around the world.

When and where - Artillery 5th shot will be held July 25-26, 2020 in St. Petersburg.

The program will include lectures by our invited speakers, a sculpture workshop, an art exhibition, life drawing sessions, contests, and the Artillery Art Awards. Space provides great atmosphere for networking, learning and sharing knowledge.

Who will be the speaker  - The list of speakers is approved.

Audience - The main audience of the festival is traditional and CG artists, mainly from Russia, Ukraine, Belarus and other neighboring countries, students and art teachers, professionals and just enthusiasts aged 16-55. We expect to host around 1,000 guests.

Why Artillery - It's a great opportunity to promote your company, present new products, find potential partners, support the CG industry, and find new talent.

Your experience as a sponsor of the festival, you will get huge benefits and maximum advertising returns!

We are ready to consider any options for cooperation that will help to solve exactly your tasks!

For questions, please contact: polina_sokolova@grafitart.com

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